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This is a very special affordable Careso financial plan for all classes of people in our society. This Careso plan gives every class of person the leverage to be an active participant in this money-making platform. Careso tag has groups such as Silver, Gold and Diamond which are further categorized into Royal blue, Sky blue, Green, Lemon, Yellow, and Cream. Each of the groups and its corresponding categories have lucrative benefits for our esteemed clients.

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Careso pack is a 6-pack offer to Careso clients to help them plan their finances adequately and achieve it. We offer our clients basic resource-link that could support their financial plans. This is organized to focus on the major expense categories found in a typical Personal Financial Plan - requirement for cash, goods purchase, education of oneself or that of his wards, finance for purchase of land or building, health (recreation/hospitality/travels and tours), financing pension plans. Whatever that Financial Plan is, CARESO Packs helps you achieve just that.
Through CARESO PACKS, Careso Ltd supports the financial plan of its clients by allowing them a major proportion of its consultancy fee per referral in the allowed 20 referrals per registration. Hence a client can earn a total of any of these amounts N5m, N1m, N500, 000, N200, 000, N100, 000 or N50,000 through the following referral incomes respectively N250,000, N50, 000, N25,000, N10,000, N5, 000, or N2, 500.
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Careso Cash Pack

The individuals in our societies have to make plans that accommodate daily requirements, if they must meet up with the ‘bigger’ targets in their budgets. Careso Cash Pack gives our clients the opportunity and platform that can supply directly the quick cash required to maintain steady financial supplies for the major projects.. Have you ever run into a circumstance where you needed to take care of a financial emergency that just prompted in or do you need cash to enable you meet up with contingency demands? Sign up for CARESO Cash Pack; it is the best for you.

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Careso Goods Pack

There is the need to set aside basic resources for purchase of goods that could be required from time to time either for personal goods purchase or for stocking purposes. This pack is a special design for this purpose. With CARESO Goods Pack, you will not have to run out of cash for buying goods item or stocking your store with required goods as at when due but will maintain a favorable stock balance, thereby keeping and growing your customer base within a short period of time.

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Careso Education Pack

Whether it is for your own personal formal educational development or for that of your children or wards; CARESO Education Pack is designed just for you. This Pack can also adequately serve anyone for skills acquisition and improvement. Careso Pack gives our clients the opportunity to raise the required cash for their immediate or long term Educational expenses. Educational development is a major answer to the question of underdevelopment of societies. Education attempts to inform, refine, and develop man.

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Careso Property Pack

Owing a property of your own is very essential for a more relaxed life. This is because 50% out of the money spent on property rentals for some years can be used in securing your own personal property.
CARESO Property Pack is a product designed to help clients achieve that. Be it a building project, buying of landed property, this package is well designed for you.

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Careso Health Pack

Budgeting for total well being, vacations or tours within the country or abroad is a necessity for healthy mind and body. Health is wealth as it is said. CARESO Health Pack supports clients to budget and finance their recreation, hospitality, travels and tours which form a major part of our keeping healthy and strong. People need to transform, improve and upgrade their lives by renewing their minds through tourism (travelling).

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Careso Pension Pack

At Careso, we have the agency of one of the leading assurance firms in our environment. We strongly recommend that the Personal Financial Plan of any of our clients should include provision for a Retirement Savings Plan with the appropriate agency in charge of this. Careso Sure (pension) Pack can be of great support to clients who have not made adequate plans for pension to raise funds and augment their savings towards this.

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