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Careso Limited was incorporated in Nigeria in 2010. Careso is into real estate (property) business. We are focused on supporting development, hence have got high quality services to support our individual clients and the society at large.

As a culture, Careso allocates and prioritize its resources according to areas of most urgent need and greatest impact for its clients in the industry and the society. It channels its efforts at goals and activities which are aligned with the global goals of ending absolute poverty and boosting shared prosperity in a sustainable manner.

We operate with high level of professionalism, tact and discretion. We want to be the service provider of choice; a major link to resources and knowledge for our client’s total development, a major participant in the activities that lead to increase-paced development in the real estate sector and in the larger society.

Careso is uniquely equipped and positioned to support its clients to harness available resources towards growth. Our services help our clients to also build financial and management capacities, strengthening resilience to lack of basic funds; consequently reducing conflicts and violence and scaling up access to funds for entrepreneurial and developmental projects. Careso’s processes link our clients to accesses to the best expertise in the environment; our clients achieve their property/financial/developmental plans with the most minimal resources.
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Judith Nkechi Onunka (C.E.O.)

Careso Limited operates under the leadership and direction of the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.), Judith Nkechi Onunka. Judith Onunka is a graduate of Accountancy with over 20 years of focused practical experience.
Miss Onunka shapes the strategic and operational management of the company; she has got the know-how to get things done – high passion, initiative and energy. She has built herself over the years to become a highly effective and efficient entrepreneur.
Amongst other experiences; Ms Judith Onunka has worked at top multinational organizations like PZ Cussons Plc; where she held the posts of Management Accountant, Produces/Project Manager and Area Sales Manager.
At PZ Cussons Nigeria, she excelled at the different levels – she led the team of facilitators of company’s first ever Procedure Simplification and Renew Project which was the major foundation of the increased fortunes of the company in the country and in the other regions.
Judith Onunka has been very passionate about helping lives; she has used every resource and opportunity available to her to do just this. Her vision is to be a top participant and advocate for development in the world.

Our Mission

  1. Producing highly adaptive and innovative solutions to the needs of development in our communities
  2. Reducing the share of the population living in extreme poverty with at least 1% per annum in any environment we operate in, by using tools that boost shared prosperity
  3. Promoting sustainable development by providing high-value goods and services

Our Vision

To become a key voice in development on a global platform.