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Careso Services

Careso limited is focused on building small unit houses - one bedroom flat and two bedrooms flat - housing estates across strategic parts of the environments in which we operate. We also support other land and house purchase needs of our clients.

On this website we have got a platform that advises clients on the basic components of a typical Personal Financial plan, this is to enable clients achieve their overall plan including their property plan – these other components include plan for cash for contingency purposes, cash for goods purchase, education purposes, property, health (tourism) and pension plan. Hence we have got the Careso Tag and Careso Packs { Cash Pack, Goods Pack, Education Pack, Property Pack, Heath Pack (Tourism Pack), Sure Pack(Pension Pack)}. All the factors that affect the Property plan of our clients are addressed herein and our clients achieve their set targets.

Our clients get a major instant referral benefit for sending this advice to quarters where they are needed. These incomes support these clients to achieve their own set plan in any of the categories which is important to them in their Personal Financial Plan.

We assist our clients to have a healthy Personal Pension Plan with one of the Federal government approved Assurance firms for pension; so the client can have his desired level of pension pay for the rest of his life time without disruption.

This platform herein is an adequate support for anyone who desires to achieve his Personal Financial Plan effectively with minimum effort and time irrespective of the person’s financial level currently. Our platform delivers value of very high magnitude for now and the future. Our operation and system is very simple and clear. We are real and straightforward!